I help brands and companies like yours get to the next level.

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Business Mentoring

A Mentor or Coach is a great way for you to expand your business while focusing on what you do best. I have helped businesses of all sizes get to the next level. When you decide to work with me, we will sit down and find your purpose, goals, and then create a strategy to achieve it. When working together we are partners rowing to the goal.

Creative Marketing

Being a small business is hard. You don’t have the capital to go head on with big companies. I help you create a creative marketing plan to find your spot in the market place. Every business is unique and so should your marketing plan. Once we start working together we will analyze what has worked for you in the past and figure out how we can find a unique spot in the market place to position you and your brand.

Other Services

My team and I offer various other services that can help your business grow. From content creation to ideas to web design, we can find you the right services to take you and your business to the next level.

I’m A Young Entrepreneur On My Journey


My name is Cody Howell. I’m a young entrepreneur on my own journey. Some may leave because of how young I am, but those who stay will see my value. I have helped many business grow and take the step to the next level. I have a vast knowledge of business and how to get exposure for your business in this digital world. As we work together we will identify your goals and passions and then create a plan to achieve those goals!