Portfolio of Past Metrics

We love what we do and we do it well. Some of our clients don't want us to release their names, but we can share with you some of what we have achieved for them! Find screen shots of some of the accounts we have worked on along with a short description of the campaign. You can also see some of who we have worked with!


This is from a B2C campaign we ran for a blogger. We spent $100 and were able to drive over 16,000 video views! Over 50% of the people who were shown the ad, watched at least 3 seconds of the video. From this video, we drove sales of over 1500 units that this blogger was selling! This blogger made $15,000 from this $100 ad!


This is taken from a Facebook campaign run for a B2B company. At $1.78 a business lead how do you not sign up. While this is unusual, this company has been able to grow their business and take on more leads.

Verenia Adwords.JPG

This is taken from the AdWords account of another B2B company. Keywords normally cost $40-$60 per click for them. We have used some creative thinking to only retarget customers and have dropped Cost Per Lead to only $30 per lead!