Why Use Retargeting?

By not running remarketing you lose up to 75% of your revenue! Think about that. By not taking the necesary time to set up remarketing, you lose a majority of your revenue. (Click here to watch why remarketing works!)

Many of us know what remarketing is and use it in all of our campaigns, but is it really working? Taking 10 minutes to set up audiences and ads isn't enough to take advantage of the 75% of revenue. Remarketing campaigns should be thouroughly thought threw and should take into consideration the customers journey. 

When creating campaigns there are a few things to take into consideration. These steps will help you to create great remarketing campaigns that convert and help you bring in the 75% revenue.


Setting up audiences is the most important part of remarketing. Without audiences it is impossible to remarket to customers. Audiences should be broken down to every single page of your website or video. Having a general website audience isn't enough.


Keep in mind that these are people who have shown interest in you and your business, and for some reason have decided to not take action. Offer them something of value. Offering them the same thing will help bring these people back, but will not help you earn all of your desired revenue. Offer them something new, a discount, or even a free trial of a product or service.


Along with giving them a new offer, is showing them new ads. Showing them the same ad over and over will on help you lose business! Make specialized ads that engage these audiences and invite them to return. Use new text and images to show them that you are interested in working with them.

Following these 3 simple but powerful steps will help you increase ROI. Customers will return and with the right nurturing they will become your most loyal customers.