Web Interview With Greg Marshall

Greg Marshall

Last week I had the opportunity to connect with Greg Marshall for a few minutes. He had some great insights on marketing, especially for those in the fitness industry!

Greg is a published author of the book titled "Body Fit Beginners Guide to Fitness" which was published in Barnes & Noble and on Amazon.com. He is also a former Gym operator, a former Personal Trainer, Director of Marketing, a former collegiate baseball player, and a current business owner.

Let's hop into this week's interview:

1. What are some of the best marketing platforms and strategies the Personal Trainers, Gyms, and other fitness consultants can use to grow their businesses? Why?

In my opinion the best platform to use for trainers, consultants, [and] gyms is Facebook, particularly Facebook ads, because you can target exactly who you want based off location or if it’s worldwide. You can target more precisely and in a much more cost-effective way than any other platform.

The key to make a Facebook work is you have to know your business numbers, meaning you have to know your cost per lead, your cost per acquisition, and your turnaround time in order to make Facebook ads at work for you. If you don’t know your numbers you will run the risk of overspending and not acquiring the amount of clients that you need or making the appropriate tweaks on your ads.

Other social media platforms like Instagram or Twitter could definitely work for you, but it’s more reaching out so you’ll have to do more one to one marketing such as sending people direct messages, or leaving comments on their pages, or trying to spark a conversation so if you’re not someone who’s willing to do outreach the other platforms are a little bit more difficult.

2. How can these businesses perform these strategies on small budgets? (less than $600/month)

If you have a small marketing budget, such as $600 a month, you can still make these things work for you as long as your targeting is perfect, you know exactly who you’re going after, your creative is good, and you’re really focusing on conversions and keeping your cost per whatever you optimize down such as engagement.

The key thing you want to focus on when you have a smaller budget is focusing on engagement and actually responding to comments and direct messages so you can start up a conversation and put them through your sales cycle!

3. How important is content marketing for these businesses and how can they use their content effectively to bring in new clients?

Content marketing for these [fitness] businesses are extremely important, because it demonstrates that you are the expert in your field and also keeps you in top of mind awareness so people don’t forget about what you’re doing, what you have to offer, and how you can help.

The key with your content marketing is you have to make sure that it solves a problem. If you want to stand out using content marketing then what you’ll have to do is you have to be consistent. That’s usually the part that everyone messes up on. If they’re not being consistent enough and they’re not making enough creative content to help their audience they will struggle.

The amount of content that you do should feel almost like you’re overdoing it. That’s how consistent and how much content you really should be putting out there if you want to be able to stand out amongst the noisy crowd.

4. What advice can you give to businesses/trainers that are staying local? And what advice can you give to businesses/trainers looking to expand beyond the local market? (1-on-1 trainings vs an online course, etc.).

The advice I would give to local trainers that are trying to do One on One is focusing on building relationships and being everywhere within your community so not only running Facebook ads, but also writing for the local newspaper/newsletters, partnering up with bloggers, finding other gyms or trainers that maybe don’t offer the types of services that you have, and doing a joint venture with them. That’s what I would recommend for local businesses.

If you’re trying to expand into an online training business or online course business then building relationships and content marketing becomes even more important since you can’t see your target customers, so you have to build rapport with them by writing more content and building the relationships with the Blogger‘s or individuals who have access to the people you’re trying to reach. Promotion and outreach is key.

5. How important is email marketing and staying in contact with past clients who no longer use your services?

Email marketing is a channel that I think is very important and keeping in contact with people who are using your services and even past clients who are not using your services and even prospects to follow up and stay top of mind, because you never know when they want to send a referral or get reactivated into one of your programs. This is where a lot of trainers and gyms lose out on money, is they don’t keep in touch with their existing or old clients. They're in constant finding new client mode, which is much more expensive and much more difficult to do.

6. Where can we learn more about you?

You can learn more about me by visiting my website www.gregmarshall.co

Greg has given us some great insights that we can all use in our own marketing campaigns. Use content marketing and email marketing to not only stay in touch with your current and potential customers, but use them to come off as an expert in your field. This will help drive leads to your business!

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