Using Your Personal Brand To Grow Your Business

Everyone (or mostly everyone) who is new to starting a business thinks that they need to build a brand for their business. And while that is true to an extent, it is an idea that is very flawed. Unless you are a big company, people want to work with people.

Just think of yourself. If you could buy the same product and a similar price from Wal-Mart or from a friend, who would you buy from? Most likely your friend (unless their not really your friend). The same applies to consumers.

People trust people. I would rather work with a person than a faceless company. This is especially true when looking for someone in a service business. People want to know who is going to be doing the service for them.

I work with a guy named AJ Wilcox. He is the owner of B2Linked. If you ask people who know AJ they will say he is a LinkedIn ads expert and if you are planning on running ads there you need to talk to him. If you ask the same group of people about B2Linked (owned by AJ) almost none of them have even heard of it.

AJ receives almost 95% of his business via word of mouth or some type of speaking engagement (podcasts or speaking gigs). If I had to guess, B2Linked probably makes 5 figures a month and easily 6 figures a year. That’s pretty good considering that almost no one has ever heard of his agency. What would you do with 6 figures in cash flow?

Building your personal brand can be huge not only for you, but for your business. Celebrities are always rolling out some new make up or perfume. Look at the Kardashians. Love them or hate them you can’t deny the fact that they are personal branding geniuses (granted they show a lot more skin that I would ever be comfortable sharing). I don’t even know how the Kardashians got famous, but when they roll out a new line of make up or product you buy it and it makes sales.

Imagine if you had 100 loyal followers that would buy anything you sold them. You could make enough money to leave your full-time job. Imagine that a business sells your same product and has 100 followers. Who do you think will sell more?

When you have a personal brand that people trust, they will trust your recommendations and want to support you. If you create a new business and tell people to check it out, they will.

This is the power of a personal brand. You are able to influence people to make decisions that they might not have made on their own.