Using A.M.O. to create a killer marketing campaign.

No matter what channel you market through, A.M.O. is the base of any marketing campaign. Get A.M.O. right and you will be bringing in new customers in no time. 

A.M.O. stands for Audience, Message, and Offer. These 3 components make up the basics of every single marketing campaign you will ever run. Mess one up and your campaign won't work. Let's walk through each of the components and see just how important they are.


Your audience is one of the most important parts of your marketing campaign. You can talk to people all day about your product or service, but if they aren't the right people or the right fit, you just wasted all that time, energy, and money.

You need to build a buyer persona. Hubspot has a great tool to do this (Here is the tool). This persona will be a guide for you when choosing targeting options inside the platforms you use, or the advertisements you buy offline. What good is a $500 magazine ad in Cover Girl if you need to hit middle aged men?

Take time to figure out your buyer persona and audience. This will guide the rest of your efforts as we move to the next components of A.M.O.


Now that you have the perfect audience, you can now write them the best message. Your message will differ for each buyer persona. Maybe CEO Sally wants something clean, precise, and to the point, while Marketing Rep Mike wants something energetic, fun, and original.

The point is to keep in mind the customer. Think about what your customer wants to hear. Think of the problems, stress, and trials they go through on a daily basis. How does your product or service help this person? Now let them know how you can help them in their preferred method of communication!


We know now who we are targeting and their communication method. The last piece is to find the product or service that you offer that will entice this person to buy/sign up/download/etc.

You may have the right person and right message, but if you offer Cool Carl a used car, he might not accept. He is going to want the coolest, fastest sports car you want. Make sure to focus on the customers wants and needs in this section.

When you finally find the right offer, keep at it. Repackage this offer in new ways and let your audience knows. Once the offer is dead, you simply need to find another offer and repeat what you did before.

A.M.O. is just the basics. Each one of these components can take volumes to write on. Keep A.M.O. in mind when your campaign isn't working. Chances are you just need to readjust one of these items.

Using A.M.O Infographic.png