Tilt, Shadow, Stand Of 360 Pictures

Like I have said before, 360 is awesome! I love it and will always use it, but it does have a few downsides just like anything else. We will review some basics of using the 360 camera: tilt, shadow, and the stand.


If you look at the image above you will notice that the thumbnail is not straight. When taking these pictures, it is crucial to know what camera lens will be the "front" of your image. This also means that you need to take straight pictures, otherwise they look like the one above!


If you look to the right and down you will see the shadow of the tripod being used. While it may be impossible to get rid of the shadow in outdoor pictures, it is best practice to always keep the main light above the camera. 

If you use editing programs and can do it, then forget this part.


When choosing what stand/tripod to use, keep in mind that it should be small. As you can see in the shadow this tripod is a single "stick" and the feet only spread 3" apart. You will notice that you can't see the actual tripod. (Look Down) If a traditional tripod is used, you will see the feet and the stitching will look bad. Smaller is better!

In closing, always keep the camera straight, light above the camera, and use a small tripod. These few tips will help your pictures look a lot better.