Starting Your Social Media Marketing

As a small business, you do everything you can to market your product in the most inexpensive way possible. Social Media is a great way to market for your startup business. The only problem is starting. When you start your business page or open a new twitter account you start with 0. 0 followers, 0 posts, 0 everything. Here below are a few tips on how to organically grow your Social Media presence.


At first, creating your content can be hard. You might not have any ideas on what to make, or you might think that no one will see it. The key here is the create content that you want future customers to see. Content can range from blog posts, pictures, videos, or anything else that your target market will see.


Once you have identified the type of content you will make, it is important to  post this content frequently. Imagine if your favorite TV series only made 1 show a year. That means you only interact with that show once a year! And what if you're busy that day? You would miss out on seeing your show. The same goes with your Social Media posts. Your customers want to hear from you and if you don't talk to them someone else will. A good guideline for starting is one post every other week. The more frequency you give to your posts the better.


After you start making posts, you need to bring people to your content. This can happen a million different ways. The way I prefer most is to reach out to your friends. Tell your friends about your Social Media efforts and ask them to like, share, etc. your posts. This will allow your posts to reach a much broader audience. I have 1,500 friends on Facebook and when I share something I get a minimum of 185 views. When I share something that is very interesting this number can be 4 or 5 times greater. Imagine if you had 7 or 8 friends sharing your content!

Remember that Social Media and growing organically take time. It is very rare to grow over night. Take your time and be persistent. We are always here to help! Comment below!