SEO: The Best Investment For Start-Ups

SEO: The Best Investment For Start-ups

For a start-up looking for visibility on the Internet, SEO is crucial. It is a long-term approach that will provide long term results. Here's why SEO is important for a start-up:

What if SEO was the best investment for a start-up? Of all the aspects of digital marketing SEO provides the most stable solution. Paid ads will always change, your marketing funnel may be different for every customer, but customers are always using the same keywords to find you. Investing in SEO could be the difference between survival and success.

How to implement this strategy?
SEO, a necessary springboard

When a start-up has just been launched, it has an almost vital need to make itself known, to gain visibility in order to sell its products and services. It doesn’t matter if you have the newest technology or the coolest gadget if you can’t get it to the customer. (Check out Dan Schnitzer’s Ted Talks to learn more!) SEO provides this springboard that will give you the boost you need to get in front of your audience.

On the Internet, SEO for start-up companies is like a drop in the ocean. This is not just a metaphor: with 30,000 billion pages indexed by Google, and 20 billion sites visited every day (source:, a company website is bound to get lost in the abyss sea of Google!

To avoid being lost in this sea a few SEO tips will be handy! The list below provides a few ideas on how to better boost your page. The top 5 results accumulate 67.6% of all clicks!

  1. Everyone knows you need links! Now that may sound easy, but having the right strategy will help.
    1. For those who are starting, try making social media accounts and adding the business in directories (these are low level links, but help for getting started.)
    2. Create content and share it! You don’t have to create great pieces, but they should align with your goals and brand.
    3. Reach out to local or small bloggers, vloggers, influencers, etc. They will help spread the word and can create more links back to your site.
  2. Bring down bounce rate. If you don’t know what bounce rate is then find out! (It is when someone enters your site and then immediately leaves). Search Engines will bring your site down in the results if you have a high bounce rate. Create quality landing pages that make the consumer interact with your company.
  3. On page SEO. This means writing pages and content that are relevant to the search term you want to rank for. If you want to show up for “Best company in the world” you better 1. Use those words various times in a fluid way and 2. Make the content intriguing so your customer wants to stay.