The Knight’s Guide To LinkedIn Ads (Part 1 of 3)

As many of you know LinkedIn can be an awesome B2B advertising platform. It can also be an expensive mistake if done wrong. We have put together this basic beginners guide to help you slay LinkedIn ads. Stay tuned as this is a 3 part post!

The Knight's Guide To LinkedIn Ads will run over the basics of all parts of Campaign Manager. We will explain what each section was made for and a few basic tips on how to use them correctly.

Let's Begin!

As the most recognized B2B platform, LinkedIn can be a great place for your business to advertise. Not everyone may be cut out for LinkedIn as the platform does have a high cost, but LinkedIn does offer great targeting and in most situations a better ROI down the funnel. Likewise, LinkedIn’s organic side offers a great opportunity to grow your professional network and meet new people. This guide will show you both the paid and organic sides of LinkedIn and how to effectively use them.

LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager

How To Start/Set Up Your Account

To set up your LinkedIn ads account, you will first need to create a Company Page. From there, you can then continue to set up your LinkedIn ads account. 

When creating your ads account, you will be asked to create your first campaign and ad. If you are not sure of what you want to do yet, you can save this as a draft to come back later. You will then need to insert payment information. This can be found under the setting cog in the top right corner. Once you have completed these steps you will have your LinkedIn ads account all set up. 

Ad Types On LinkedIn

What Ad Type Should I Run?

When creating your campaigns, LinkedIn will ask you what ad type you would like to run. There are 4 different types of ads that can be run on LinkedIn, Sponsored Content, Lead Gen Forms, Text Ads, and InMails. Let’s look at the difference between these ad types:

Sponsored Content

What Is A Sponsored Content

Sponsored Content ads are the main ads we see on LinkedIn. These are the ads that appear in the user's news feed. These ads can be images or video (not recommended), that take the user to a landing page. Images for these ads should be 1200 pixel x 627 pixels. The character restraints for the Intro, Headline, and Description are 150 characters, 70 Characters, and 100 characters respectively. It should be noted that Description is almost never shown. An average click through rate (CTR) using Sponsored Content ads is .35%, while an average cost per click (CPC) can cost between $6-$8.50.

Lead Gen Forms

Lead Gen Form ads show only on mobile. They show like Sponsored Content ads, but when clicked the user is take to a form (usually pre-populated) where they can directly submit their information.

LinkedIn Lead Form

This information can be downloaded from the Campaign Manager platform. Lead Gen Form ads use the same character restraints as Sponsored Content ads. The average CTR will also be the same .35%, and the CPC also $6-$8.50. Keep in mind that just because your form is clicked, does not mean they will convert to a lead. You should use 10% as a base conversion rate on this ad type.

Text Ads

LinkedIn Text Ad

Text Ads are LinkedIn’s version of banner ads. These are the ads that show in the side rail and above the user’s feed. These ads only show on desktop. Text Ads get a ton of impressions, but have a very low CTR due to their position on the page. An average CTR for Text Ads is .025%, while CPC can be between $2-$5.

InMail Ads

LinkedIn InMail Ad

InMail ads are LinkedIn’s personal message ads. This allows a specific person to send InMails to users on the Company’s behalf. Every 2 months user become available to receive an InMail. InMail ads work best with personalized ad copy. The bidding structure for InMails is by send. Cost per send is anywhere from $.65-$1.50. The average open percent is between 45%-55%. Keep in mind that these ads sit in the users inbox until they open it. This means that as the ads is there longer the open percent will raise.

This image to the right is an InMail that I got a few days ago. These also can have an image on the right side of the screen that acts as an "extra" ad with these messages.

This is part one of The Knight's Guide To LinkedIn Ads. This section is just to review the different ad types and their benchmark performance metrics. Hopefully you are performing at or above these benchmarks! We hope to see you in the next post.

In the next post we will cover all of the targeting types found in Campaign Manager. This is a very long list and will cover the most important part of LinkedIn Ads. Let's get over to part 2!

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