Marketing Your Small Business

You’re a small business. You have a small budget, small team (if any), and big hopes. You can’t compete with big companies and you shouldn’t.

Being small has some advantages. You don’t have to deal with the hierarchy that big companies have to deal with. You can use your personal reach and personality to grow your business. You can be the business.

People want to help other people. You can be the face of your company and make a personalized shopping experience for your customers. When given the option to help a friend or help a big corporation, your audience will always choose you!

Just because you are the face of the company though doesn’t mean you can slack in other parts of your business. You still need to give more value than you receive. Give all you can to your customers and they will gladly pay you whatever you ask.

One of the best ways to give value is to give free information. Too many people think that if they give away their secret cookie recipe that their customers will leave and never come back.

This couldn’t be more wrong. Your customer is looking for the recipe because they want delicious cookies and you are giving that to them. They will make your cookies and taste how great the recipe is. Then they will go back looking for more recipes, and you’ll have a downloadable recipe book that costs $9.99. You’ll make the sale and have a customer for life because you were willing to share your recipe when no else would.

Consumers are lazy. That’s why Amazon is finding ways to make easier and easier for customers to buy. You could give them all the information in the world and they would still rather buy it, because it is a lot easier.

You need to be making content off all types. You need video, images, voice, and the written word. Your customers come from all different backgrounds and want to be served in different ways.

The best way you can market to them is showing them what you do where they are already looking. If your audience is on Medium reading articles and you’re on Instagram sharing pictures of your cookies, you’re missing your audience.

When it comes down to it, marketing is being in front of your customers eyes. Where do you think your customers are at? Where are they actually? If those answers don’t match up you’re missing a HUGE part of your audience.

Think of what your audience wants, and then find a way to get it in front of them. You are unique, and you need to use that to your advantage. Get personal with what you do. Don’t be afraid to branch out and do new things. Your audience will guide you and tell you if you’re on the right track!