Making Content For Your Small Business

Making content for your small business can seem like a HUGE task. Lot’s of time we don’t see the ROI of content, because we are worried about getting that next client. Content is a long term move, but it will pay off!

Before you just go out and start making content you need to plan what your content will be about. Think of your audience. Would your audience read it? Would your audience share it? If the answer is no, you probably aren’t making customer first content.

You need to provide value with your content. Share something new, teach, and give away your secrets for free. It is human nature to want to help those that help us, so start helping your audience and they will want to return the favor!

Now that we know what we are going to create, we need to decide where to make it. You need to be on as many platforms as possible, but making a piece of content for every platform is impossible or at least really difficult.

The best way to make content for all platforms is to choose your main platform. If you have a very visual product or service, Instagram is probably right for you. If written word is your thing, Facebook is a great place for you. If you need to tell a story or show your work with a video, YouTube is where you should be.

Once you have chosen your main platform this is where you will make your main content. I have found it easiest to take Video and turn it into a blog post, or an image, or a short clip to share on other platforms, but you can do it with blog posts or images as well.

Let’s say you choose Facebook as your main platform and you are going to focus on blogs and articles to share with your audience. As well as Facebook, you should be sharing your articles on Medium and other platforms that are dedicated to reading. You should also be making graphics to go in your posts. These images will be great for sharing on platforms such as Instagram. For your video content you decide to do a behind the scenes weekly upload of what you’ve been doing. Your video could include places you went to get inspiration for the piece, things you’ve learned, or just a simple Q&A with your audience where they can directly ask you questions about your articles. You can then make a podcast where you read your articles like an audio book, or maybe you turn your Q&A into a weekly podcast as well.

While this sounds like a lot of work, what strategy do you think will work better? Just throwing your content up and hoping it sticks is the worst thing you can do. Your audience is unique and each person needs to connect with you in their own way. That is why you need to be on all these platforms. This is a long-term move, but the pay off is a loyal fan base that would do anything for you.