How To Reach Your Target Audience With Little To No Money!

I have written on this topic before about how to market your small business. In there I included tips and tricks on how to market your small business and it included a lot of ways to do it with little to no money.

This week I tested out a new way I could reach my audience with minimal ad spend and I have to say that it went well. I spent a total of $10 and about an hour of my time to get it all set up  and I spoke with 4 individuals, 2 of which were sales calls!

Imagine being able to have 2 sales calls for less than the price of lunch! Now not everyone will see the same results and some may not see any results, but this will ensure that you hit your exact audience every time and that they will remember you after enough contact!

To give you an overview of what we will be doing: 

  • we will be getting emails of our target audience 
  • showing them an ad
  • sending an intro email
  • giving a follow up call
  • finally one last follow up email

Following these steps in this order will ensure that your audience sees you and knows who you are and what you have to offer. Before we can begin, we need to do a few things first.

  1. Research who our target audience is.

If your target audience are senior level management, then you need to know specific job titles of these individuals.

       2. You need to "mine" their email.

This is fairly simple. Go to LinkedIn and search the job title of your target audience. Go through user accounts and use tools such as, Contactout, and many others to find their email.

       3. Upload their emails into Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

cody ad.JPG

After getting their emails, we will need to upload their email into an ads platform in order to show them ads. The ad should be personal and relate to them and offer something they need. I targeted small business owners and use the ad you see here to the right.

This ad was meant to get attention and tell my audience what I did. I wasn't expecting to get any clicks (I got 3) and just wanted awareness. This ad took them to a landing page, that explained more about what I do and how I can help them. This was the first contact my audience had with me, so this was the most crucial.

intro email.JPG

       4. Follow up with a personal email.

Now the ad was just to get their attention. After I saw that I had reached most of my audience with this ad (about 3 days), I sent them a personal email. There are many tools you can use to automate this, or you can do it by hand depending on the amount of emails you have. I sent an email like the one you see above. It tells them where they may have seen me and what I do. Of about 100 emails I sent 47 were opened on the first day and 1 responded to this one.

       5. After 2 or 3 day follow up with a phone call.

The tool you use can sometimes pull phone numbers. Use these numbers, and the business number to get in contact with your audience. A cold call may not have tons of success, but this call comes after you have already made 2 touched with them. This call should not be too salesy and should focus on them and their needs.

To be honest, I did not do this part to its fullest. I called about 10 of the 100 numbers I had. I talked with 2 people who immediately recognized me and 1 called back after leaving a voice mail. The 2 who recognized me did not want my services, but did show me that this works. The other who called is in the sales process now. 

It might be a good idea to hire someone to cold call these numbers for you. Salesmen are usually more effective than you are and can allow you to keep working on your business, cause this can be time consuming.

       6. Send a follow up email after calling.

phone call email.JPG

The same day you call these folks you should send a follow up email saying you tried to contact them, or if you talked to them, that you enjoyed talking to them.

By sending this email I got 2 more responses to my email and 1 of those turned into a sales call.

This is an example of what I sent out to these prospects. 


While this method can be hit or miss, one thing still stands. You have to go out and get your clients. By showing your clients that you want to talk to them (I "touched" mine 4 times in 5 days) you will have a lot more success in bringing on new clients.

Tell me who on your team can bring 3 clicks, 586 impressions, 3 email responses, 4 phone calls (2 were sales calls and could have been more if I called the whole list) all for $12.24? Exactly, no one. No one on your team can do this for you. These are the creative strategies we use here to help our clients grow their businesses and personal brand.