Business Plan Outline

A business plan is crucial when starting your own business. A business plan is not only to show investors and banks that you are serious about your plan, but it also is a guide for you. The correct business plan should have goals, a timeline, and be a road map to what you want to accomplish. Below is an outline to a business plan. Use it and manipulate it to fit your business needs.

Business Plan

1.       Executive Summary

               Description of the Business Concept and the Business

               Opportunity and Strategy

               Target Market

               Competitive Advantages



               The Team

               The Offering

2.       The Industry and the Company and its Products or Services

              The Industry

              The Company and the Concept

              The Products or Services

              Entry and Growth Strategy

3.       Market Research and Analysis


              Market Size and Trends

              Competition and Competitive Edges

              Estimated Market Share and Sales

              Ongoing Market Evaluation

4.       The Economics of the Business

               Gross and Operating Margins

               Profit Potential and Durability

               Fixed, Variable, and Semivariable Costs

               Months to Break Even

               Months to Reach Positive Cash Flow

5.       Marketing Plan

               Overall Marketing Strategy


               Sales Tactics

               Service and Warranty Policies

               Advertising and Promotion


6.       Design and Development Plans

               Development Status and Tasks

               Difficulties and Risks

               Product Improvement and New Products


               Proprietary Issues

7.       Manufacturing and Operations Plan

               Operating Cycle

               Geographical Location

               Facilities and Improvements

               Strategy and Plans

               Regulatory and Legal Issues

8.       Management Team


               Key Management Personnel

               Management Compensation and Ownership

               Other Investors

               Employment and Other Agreements and Stock Option and Bonus Plans

               Board of Directors

               Other Shareholders, Rights, and Restrictions

               Supporting Professional Advisers and Services

9.       Overall Schedule

10.   Critical Risks, Problems, and Assumptions

11.   The Financial Plan

                Actual Income Statements and Balance Sheets

                Pro Forma Income Statements

                Pro Forma Balance Sheets

                Pro Forma Cash Flow Analysis

                Break even Chart and Calculation

                Cost Control


12.   Proposed Company Offering

                Desired Financing



                Use of Funds

                Investor’s Return

13.   Appendixes