Business Mentoring: Why You Need It!

Some may think the business mentoring is a waste of time, or it doesn’t work, or any other of the millions of excuses that exist. I’m here to tell you the business mentoring or coaching when done right can help your business grow to where you want to take it.

All the greats have had coaches. Michael Jackson has a dance coach, Mohammed Ali had a boxing coach, and Michael Jordan had a basketball coach. If those who were the greatest at their art needed coaches don’t you think you too would need someone to help you in your business?

There are many advantages to using the right coach or mentor.

  1. Inspiration- One of the first responsibilities of a mentor or coach is to make sure you stay excited and inspired to put in the hours needed for your business to succeed. Lots of people are just inspirational coaches or mentors and while that’s fine, they won’t be giving you all the tools you need to reach all of your goals.

  2. Planning/Guide- A great coach or mentor is a guide. They help you plan your route to success. They have been down the path and can see the right way to success while you are on the ground executing. The right mentor is your eye in the sky. They see possible problems that you may not see, and help you resolve them.

  3. Responsibility- This is probably the hardest thing to do as a coach or mentor. We need to hold you accountable. If you commit to doing 5 action items and you only do 2, we need to get real with you and let you know that you haven’t kept your end of the deal. This is tough, because people take things very personal and don’t like being told that they have failed. A great coach, though, will give you tough love when you need it.

  4. Growing Your Knowledge- At the end of the day you should be learning. A coach or mentor is a teacher. If you are just doing things blindly and don’t know the why behind it, you aren’t learning enough to sustain your business. Great coaches give you their knowledge and help you grow.

At the end of the day you and your coach or mentor should be partners. You should both be working towards the same goal. Finding the right coach can be hard, but having a coach will help take your game to the next level. You will be more successful and will have someone to share your successes with.