9 Instagram Organic Marketing Tips

9 Instagram Organic Marketing Tips

We all know that Instagram is one of the best places to reach your audience. With 700 Million users and more engagement than anywhere else, this is the place to be! Today we bring you 9 tips to help you grow your brand organically. 

1. Use Enhanced Images

This may sound obvious, but there are so many people who are not taking quality photos. Your photos don't have to be professional grade either, but should that you care about what you are posting.

Photos that are blurry, dark, or out of context will not help you get the engagement you are hoping for and could hurt your brand. Take a few seconds before you snap you photo to plan out what you want to convey to your audience!

2. Tell A Story With The Captions

Captions are your way of communicating with your audience! I don't know how many images I've seen posted with a single smiley face as the caption. If you do this, you are leaving your audience to guess what you want them to learn.

The purpose of building your brand is to direct your audience to know what you think, believe, want, etc. Use this space to express what you are doing, believe, etc. This will help your audience learn more about you and encourage more engagement.

3. Use Hashtags ##

Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post. This doesn't mean that you should use all 30, but it is a good idea to use a good handful. I like to use hashtags in my captions when possible. For example, instead of saying, "At a business meeting! #business", I would say, "At a #business meeting."

This helps the post look more organic and not trying to only get attention. If you can't use all of your hashtags organically, it is acceptable to add them to the end of your caption. Use a mixture of popular, lesser known, and brand hashtags. This will help you be seen by lots of new people and let your audience know what hashtags you like to use.

4. Use Client Based Images

Using client based images is easily the best way to connect with your audience. First, ask permission from your client to use their image. Then, proceed to build your post. You will want to tag the customer that made it, so they can feel recognized in their work.

This will influence other customers to take interesting images that you can then use. This is literally the easiest way to get an infinite amount of content for your social media campaign!

5. Use Your Profile To Link To Your Page

Instagram doesn't allow you to link posts to urls (unless you have a business account or run ads). When you make a new post you can update your link so people can see the new offer, or you can point them to a more universal page (like a homepage).

This is a great way to drive more traffic to your site!

6. Post During High Traffic Times

This should be a given, but just to reiterate its importance! If you don't know when your high traffic hours are, there are many tools that can help you know when to post. Here is one that can help.

Posting at an optimal time can increase your performance by 10-50%! You need to get in front of your audience right when they get on, so this is one of the best ways to do it.

7. Interact With Your Fans

Engaging with your followers is the easiest way to create long-lasting relationships with them that will lead to brand loyalty. Comment on their photos, like their content, and engage in conversations with them.

Customers will appreciate that you are taking time to connect with them. We personally like pictures of people we follow and are constantly messaging our followers.

8. DM Potential Customers

To reiterate the fact that you should be engaging with you fans, we come to messaging. Right now Instagram is one of the only social media platforms that will let you directly message any user. This only comes once in a while!

Now I'm not saying that you should spam everyone, but you should use this to reach out to and add value to your customers. This is a great way to get to personally know your customers. You can offer discount codes, free service, or a simple "hello"

Gary Vaynerchuk has a great article on this here!

9. Partner With Influencers

This is a great way to grow your brand to new followers. Influencers have a great relationship with their audience, and their audience trusts them. Influencers can do many things such as post in favor of your brand, drive sales, or simply share your product.

If you have trouble finding influencers, there are many programs that can help. I have personally used one called Localfluence

Instagram is a great place to reach new followers and to promote your brand. If done right, you could not only grow your account, but create more leads and sales opportunities.

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