9 Facebook Marketing Tips

Facebook is one of the biggest platforms for advertising right now. For your brand to compete with everyone you will need to know these basics to get your brand or business in front of your audience.

These 9 tips are in no particular order as all are important. Follow these tips and you will be on your way to becoming an expert!

1. Use Video

Video is killing the game right now! Using static images isn't enough anymore to get your audience's attention. Video is really getting attention and if done right, can have the virality effect that everyone wants.

Videos should be interesting. Funny, scary, or informative are some of the most popular types of videos. Make videos that your perfect customer would like. This will attract them to you and give you the chance to sell them.

2. Use "Narrow Audience" Settings

This is easily one of the most overlooked options in the Facebook's Ads Manager. When creating your ad set, you get the option to create an audience. After putting in your ideal candidate, there is a button called "Narrow Audience". This button allows you stack on more attributes for your potential customer. (Here is a video that explains more.)

To put this into perspective, let's say you want to target women who like fashion and ice cream. You might do something like this:

Gender Female

Interests> Fashion

"Narrow Audience"

Interests> Ice Cream

This gives you women who like Fashion and Ice Cream. If you put them together you get women who like fashion or ice cream. This is important if you want to be really specific. This is the easiest way to get super targeted as you can do this as many times as you want.

3. Always Set Up Retargeting Audiences

Retargeting is the best way to get conversions and for the lowest cost. Literally, everyone should have retargeting running! Retargeting is when someone comes to your site and you pixel/coockie/etc. them. You can then use this later to show them ads.

The reason retargeting works is because these people have already interacted with your brand. Using retargeting will bring down your cost per conversion and give you a better ROI. (Check out this article on retargeting.)

4. Don't "Boost Posts"

Boosting Posts is the biggest waste that I have ever seen. You don't get as much control on targeting and from what I have seen, your money doesn't last as long. Using boosted posts on Facebook is not the best option and should be avoided when possible

5. Track Conversions

This should be on the top of everyone's list. If you aren't tracking conversions, you are throwing money away.

Facebook makes it easy to track conversions. Using their pixel, you can set up conversion under the custom conversion tab or you can create a conversion campaign. Once set up, Facebook will track these and give you insights into who are the people who are converting.

6. Use "Audience Insights"

Audience Insights is the best tool on the Facebook Ads platform. Here you can get an idea of who your audience really is. You can create an audience to get deeper insights into them, or you can use a saved audience.

Using your saved audiences is a great way to get deep insights into who your audience is and then create a new audience based off of the data. This is a powerful tool that is offered for free and you can use its data to help with campaigns on other platforms.

7. Create Multiple Ads With "Power Editor"

Facebook doesn't have cool bulk tools, but Power Editor is the best tool to do multiple changes at once. I personally like it for making multiple ads into multiple Ad Sets. Power Editor has many abilities and can be used in many ways. Check out this article for more tips.

8. Do Giveaways

I love giveaways! People will almost do anything for free product or services. This may be one of the few times to do Boosted Posts. This will allow you to grow your brand on what looks like an organic side, but you use the Boost option to help push the post in front of your audience.

When doing giveaways, ask your audience to like, share, or comment on your post. This will start the virality effect. Once they take action on your post, it will be shown to their friends, who will then take action and shared with their friends. This is an awesome way to grow your fan base.

9. Use Ad Sets To Organize Campaigns

My last tip is to use Ad Sets to organize your account. I would create a traffic campaign, a video campaign, a conversion campaign, etc. Inside each of these campaigns I would make my ad sets to represent my audiences. This will help keep your campaigns organized and your ad sets will make more sense.

These are not all the tips that exist for Facebook, but they will give you a great start. Let us know what you think and if we missed any other important tips!