4 Kеуѕ To Marketing To Bе Successful

Do you struggle to see results from your marketing? You are not the only one that struggles in this. Most people that I know who have done marketing on their own don’t see any results from their efforts. This can be frustrating and make you lose hope in marketing.

We will talk about 4 keys to master in order to see success in your marketing efforts. Follow these and I know that you will be successful.

4 kеуѕ tо mаrkеting and business building thаt уоu muѕt оvеrсоmе tо bе ѕuссеѕѕful:

1. Delivery: Where you deliver your product or service should be number one on your list. If you are an Air Conditioning service company, putting ads on only on Facebook would probably not be the best because people only call when they need your service. It would be better to spend your time and money on Google AdWords, as people will be searching for someone to fix their A/C when it goes out.

Your efforts should be where your audience will find you when they need you. Take some time to think about your audience and where they will find you.

2. Targeting: When creating your audiences in your chosen platform, it is super important to set up audiences that are organized and that actually reach you audience. I personally love using micro audiences to do this. (Here is a link to another article about how to set this up).

With small budgets, it is essential to spend money only on people who are interested in what you have to offer. The next step will talk to us about how to get the most out of these audiences.

3. Retargeting: This is probably the most important part of targeting and it is easily the most overlooked by small businesses. Retargeting means tracking all the people you have already brought to your site and sending ads to them. Retargeting efforts are almost always cheaper than going after new people and they are the ones who react best to ads.

They say that a customer needs to interact with a company about 7 times before they will buy. This is the perfect way to reach these people multiple times. I believe this is the key for small business marketing.

4. Ad Copy: This refers to the ads themselves. Now this tip will not always be true. I have seen plenty of quality ads perform bad and I have seen terrible ads kill it, but for the most part this is true.

Making ads that people want to click on is so important. Ask yourself: “Why would someone click this ad?” Make your content creative and fun, but that is still on brand. Have enticing offers or deals that you can show as well.

Whatever you do, PLEASE DO NOT use “click bait”. This is the worst thing you can do. People may go to your site, but they will not care about anything you do. Be honest and people will come.

Following these steps will not guarantee that you will be a marketing pro, but it is a solid start to any marketing effort.