Intro To 360 Marketing

As some of you may know,  I am into 360/3D/VR Marketing. The idea is simple. A camera takes a video/pictures of the 360° around it and then you can look around as if you were there. Like most marketing techniques there are the best practices to follow to achieve the best results.

Have you ever seen a 360 video or picture? How long were you there? A few seconds? A minute? A year ago or so I saw my first (and only) 360 ad. IT WAS AWESOME! I wasn't even interested in what they were selling, but spent about 5 minutes on their ad! How much would you pay for 5 minutes in front of a potential client? 

Even though I wasn't a passing customer I did like the ad, but I can't remember the name of the company that made the ad! Just because something is deemed cool doesn't mean people will remember it. MySpace for example! Even in 360 videos you need to put your brand various times in the video or picture!

While 360 is still new Howell Marketing outperforms the rest. If you have any questions about 360 feel free to ask us!