About Us

Who We Are...

Howell Marketing is a quality focused digital marketing consultancy located in the heart of Utah. We strive to provide businesses with the expertise that they need. Each and every interaction, we give quality customer service and truly care for our members. In each member will be in constant contact with their account representative to ensure that all services are performed on time. We know that we can help you and your business reach its maximum potential. 

Businesses from all over trust in out expertise to run their campaigns. Businesses that use Howell Marketing not only get expetional service, but join a community that promotes entreprenuership and hard work.

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Cody Howell is the founder of Howell Marketing. He moved to Utah in October of 2016. His love for helping people brought him to Marketing. He has big dreams. He one day wants to live in a castle. As part of his vision, he wants to help other business owners achieve their goals.