About Me

Who I Am...

Cody Howell

My name is Cody Howell. I currently live in Salt Lake City, Utah (Soon in Arizona). My brand is Howell Marketing and I like to keep a very personal touch on it. I write everything here on my own and personally see every message that comes in. In a world where every one is an expert, I try to change that by being personal and sharing my journey with you.

I have a lot of knowledge that I freely share with everyone. My hope is that I provide you with so much value that you want to work with me. You will notice I don’t have prices and that is because I personally make a quote for every person I work with. I don’t have clients I have partners.

As I continue to learn my advice becomes even better. I already have tons of people who love what I do and hope you will become one of them too! I care about people and want to help them. This is my way of doing just that.

My dreams are big! I want to live in a castle. My family crest is actually below to help me remember why I do what I do!

I have a team of competent entrepreneurs helping me along the way, that I would love to introduce you to!